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Outward Bound – Day Thirteen, Part Eighteen

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I am NOT good at coming up with things about someone when I’m “forced” to do it. So before she handed out the papers I’d tried to come up with something for as many people as I could. Of course, Tullia was one of the ones I hadn’t thought of anything yet.

Thankfully, I came up with something before it was my turn. I don’t remember exactly what it was – I think it was something to do with how easily she made friends.

“Okay everyone,” Katie announced. “Here’s how this will work. The first person will stand up, walk over to the person he is delivering the certificate to, say what he has to say, and give him his certificate. Then the person who just received his certificate will stand up and present the certificate he has to the person whose name is on it. Does that make sense?”

Everyone nodded or said yes and it began. A couple of people went and then Bruce stood up and walked over to me.

“Brett, you were always positive. Even when you were scared. Thank you for that.”

He handed me my certificate and I thanked him, setting my certificate down before walking over to Tullia. I didn’t personally agree with him – I’d been a mess the whole time, but I wasn’t going to tell him that!

I gave Tullia her certificate, said my thing, and sat back down on my sleeping bag. When we were finished with the ceremony we all lay down and were silent for a bit, but then we started talking. We talked and talked and talked. And talked some more.

Eventually Jen and Katie had to tell us to go to bed, because we talked so much. I think that after the ceremony everyone else realized what I’d realized a couple of days before – we’d be leaving soon. And despite wanting to go home, no one wanted to leave.

*Everything here is from my own memory and may not be correct. Outward Bound is not responsible for anything I post here. Thanks too NCOBS for letting me use their photos.*

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