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Famous Ancestors

My Dad’s parents, Grammy and Gumpy, recently came for a visit. We don’t get to see them too often so when we do, it’s really cool. Well, this visit was really, really cool.

Gumpy has done tons of research on our ancestors – he’s written books about his ancestors and Grammy’s ancestors. When he came to visit this time, he brought several things. He brought each of us a folder showing our ancestors who were on the Mayflower and all the people in between, and he brought us a model of the Mayflower!

The younger kids weren’t too excited about the piece of paper with names on it – they were too interested in the model ship. But Colter, Emery, Fletcher and I were excited about our genealogy. We had at least fifteen ancestors on the Mayflower, possibly more!

Do you recognize the name Priscilla Mullins? We’re related to her.
John Alden? We’re related to him.
Stephen Hopkins? We’re related to him.
John Howland? We’re related to him.

Priscilla Mullins was one of the few girls on the Mayflower. She was also one of the oldest, almost old enough to marry. She married John Alden later, and they are my Grammy’s great, great, great, great, (you get the picture), grandparents.

Stephen Hopkins and his daughter Constance are related to Gumpy – Constance’s daughter married Thomas Rogers, and that’s Gumpy’s family name.

John Howland was an indentured servant to John Carver, and he became a freeman when Carver died. He later married Elizabeth Tilley, and their daughter is related to Grammy. This was probably the ancestor I was most excited about – I’ve read a book from the POV (point of view) of Elizabeth! It’s called The Mayflower Secret, and it’s a Trailblazer book. I’ve always enjoyed the Trailblazers, but now I’ll enjoy this one even more, knowing that the girl in it was my great, great, great, (how ever many greats) grandmother!

I’m so happy that Gumpy brought us those papers and showed them to us. I’m going to have to look up more about my ancestors now – I enjoyed learning about them before, but now? I want to learn all I can!

What about you? Do you have any famous ancestors?



A picture of the two books that Gumpy wrote:


Birthdays, Grandparents, and the Fourth

Most families have a busy month where there are several celebrations. For us, ours is July. Jade’s birthday is the 4th, Colter’s is the 5th, and Fletcher’s is the 12th, while Mom and Dad’s anniversary is the 8th.

Right now all of the grandparents are here (which is awesome!) and we’re busy celebrating birthdays, so I don’t have a lot of time, but I thought I’d just check in and say that I hope everyone had a safe and fun Fourth Of July!

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