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L is for Levine

One of my favorite authors is Gail Carson Levine. I know where her books are at the library, and every time I go I check to make sure she hasn’t released any more. (I don’t go very often. LOL)

The Enchanted Collection

This collection has three of my favorite books – Ella EnchantedThe Two Princesses of Bamarre, and Fairest. All three of them are wonderful fairy tales with happily ever afters. I’m a sucker for stories where the right guy ends up with the right girl. And so all three of these books make me happy. 🙂

While most people look at these books and think “that’s a girl book”, that’s not necessarily true. My brother has fallen in love with these books too!

I was wondering why they didn’t include Ever in this collection as well. My guess is that it came out after this collection had already been put together.

A Tale of Two Castles

Elodie goes to the town of Two Castles to become an actress (a Mansioner) but she’s turned away. The only one who will help her is Meenore, a dragon. Elodie agrees to help Meenore crack her newest case, and joins the ogre’s kitchen staff. I guess she forgot that her father told her to “stay away from dragons and ogres.” 😀

I picked this one up not too long ago and enjoyed it. It was a bit different from the things I’ve been used to from Gail Carson Levine, but it was still really good! 🙂

Have you read any of these? What did you think of them?

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